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I'm just a notch in you bedpost...

...but you're just a line in a song

18 July
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I'm Kiki.
24, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, abstract art, aerosmith, alan rickman, alice in wonderland, andy warhol, angel, antoni gaudi, architecture, art, baa, barbie, being loved, blackadder, blondie, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, burlesque, cake, cake or death, cartoons, cats, cereal at bedtime, clueless, computers, craft and design, dancing, dancing in the rain, dirty dancing, disney, drama, drawing, ducks, eddie izzard, edinburgh, fairy wings, feeling yes feeling no, flying saucers, footloose, france, franz ferdinand, french, geek love, glitter, guitar, gummi bears, harry potter, hats, horror, hot guys in kilts, hugs, ice cream, instant messaging, irn bru, johnny castle, katamati, kiefer sutherland, kilts, kinky stuff, kisses, livejournal, love, maths, monkeys, movies, msn, music, old school games, painting, penguins, phonebooths, photography, photos, pin-ups, pippi longstocking, pirates, pretty icons, punk, quentin tarantino, quirky, rain, rhs losers, roald dahl, rock, rock n roll, rocky horror picture show, romy and michelle, ryan adams, sam!, scrubs, seth green, sex, sheep, shoes, shopping, showers, singing, singing in the shower, sleeping, snow, snuggles, socks, star wars, stars, sugar, suicide girls, sunglasses, superman, taking photos, tattoos, the hoff, the muppets, the nightmare before christmas, the royal high school, the scooby gang, the wizard of oz, tinkerbell, transvestites, trogdor, vampires, video games, vintage clothes, watercolors, wicca, winter, wizard of oz, world of warcraft, zebra, ,